My 8-Day First Job

Sharing the experience of my first job which lasted less than 8 days. What can you learn from this experience of mine?

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By March 22, 2003, I was a jobless mechanical engineer. I had killed my M.TECH aspiration with a bad entrance exam and was fresh of screwing up my last hope – an off-campus Infosys interview.

Still, my first job had me excited.

I had joined a company as a telemarketer. I was to convince IT professionals to attend “Intel’s Developer Forum”, a 3-day event.

I thought that would be the closest I would come to IT Industry – my dream ever since unconsciously choosing mechanical engineering and hating it the moment after.

I was the only guy in the woman-dominated workforce. So, I thought I had the edge & started with enthusiasm.

First few days went by, I had no ticket sales to show for but ladies around me kept clocking in the numbers.

The lead turned on the heat with a “this can’t continue” conversation.

I thought I tried my best. I was diligent, humble, honest and learning from every call. However, even after many successive days of trying this, I had no results to show for.

I felt like a fish making an honest attempt at climbing a tree.

So, after 8 days, I got a “fever” which stopped me from going to the office once and forever. I forfeited my salary for my Unprofessionalism.

The following month, an Infosys Offer turned around my life.


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