Here, I share the difference between a storyteller and a copywriter based on their most important writing objective.

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Are they the same or different?

What skill do you need to succeed in your profession?

As communicators, we have two specific purposes.

To make the watcher listen,
To make the listener act.

If you have to make someone listen, you better say something interesting.
Your best bet here is a story.

We are hardwired to immerse ourselves in stories as it has the magical power to transport us away from our mundane life.

Movies are the pinnacle of storytelling. Most movies have similar happy endings, but for us, that doesn’t matter.

Why? #Storytelling is all about creating revetting journeys. The destination is an afterthought.

A copywriter, on the other hand, is at the opposite end. A copywriter’s mandate to influence the listener, get them to a specific destination, & persuade them to take a specific action.

For a copywriter, the only measure of success is how many took the recommended action in the end?

As a #storyteller, your goal is to create an amazing journey,
As a #copywriter, it is to create an inspiring goal.
And A seasoned pro knows how to combine these two for maximum effect.

And whatever be your profession, you need both of these skills to excel in the new age.

Are you ready to learn?


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