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Why Books & Courses ARE FAILING YOU?

Like me, you want to grow in life – personally, professionally and socially. Our go-to option for this is the best self-help Books. We buy and read one book after another and “learn” a lot from them. We may feel enlightened by them for a short while, but they don’t make you take action. We remain where we were. In fact, it becomes worse. We continue our book hopping and as soon as we see the same insight thrown at us by the next book, we turn off saying “I know this stuff” and fast forward to subsequent sections. How fast or slow you go towards the book, the end remains the same. If books are bad, courses are worse. They charge 10 times higher than books but still doesn’t make us act. In fact, the most common action we take is to drop out of a course mid-way and owe not buy another course again. Sure, not all courses or books are bad, they have a fundamental design flaw.

If Action is your goal then you need a different kind of book. You need a book which gives you the just the amount of Gyan you need each day and then channelise most of your efforts on deriving insights from the Gyan, personalising it and then taking some solid action. Would it not be awesomely crazy to have one such book? And, what if, that book requires no more than 9 minutes of your time every day? Awesome but sounds impossible! right? Not anymore. With my 9 Minute Miracle Journal, all you need is 9 minutes at the start of the day to get all the most important activities of the day – Gratitude, Affirmations, Goal Setting, Connection Building and Focus Action to name a few. If you dont trust me, click on the button below to check it out for yourself.

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Impossible Challenge

How do The journAl help?

In just 5 minutes, you will plan and start your day in the best way possible. How? You complete the 4 sections of the journal enabling you to feel fresh, happy and energetic.


Start with new Gratitude 2.0

Follow the footsteps of Oprah Winfrey to identify 3 things you are grateful for the day.


Space for Your Affirmations

Affirmations part of the journal trigger you to live up to the person you want to be right from today.


Plan everyday with Day Planner

Build a highly productive day by helping you identify the top activities or tasks for the day and identify the most important one.


Connection & Creation Plan

Inspires you into identifying people you want to connect with and things or experiences you want to create for others.

Companies I Have worked WITH

At first glance, the below companies I worked for have nothing to do with the Journal I have created. However, on second thought, I wonder how can I be so certain? I am sure the 14 years of experience I gained there would have played some part in it. 

" quit my job for my dream job "

I am an expert Vedic Astrologer but I was struggling to build my niche. At this point, I met with Harish and his work in 6 months has helped me become the face of a respected, highly rated brand which has enabled me to triple my price and catapult me into a TV celebrity which I never imagined. His contribution has enabled me to quit my job & take up astrology full time which was not something I could even dream of for the past 17 years. I highly recommend his product and service for anyone who wants to build a brand online.

Venkatesh ShaRma

Vedic Astrologer

About me

I as a professional did well for 14 years but as I was not satisfied within, I quit my job to try to create something more significant. This journey has led me to create courses, small business and now, the Power Journal.

I never thought I would be able to manifest a book. Even thought I had ideas, I never dared to give it a go as my grammar sucked. My creative mind came up with the journal which enabled me to create a 100 pages book by writing less than 10 pages and yet I hope to make an impact bigger than a best seller would.

Harish Marnad

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