Why You are Unique and yet it is not enough?

You are an amazing, unique individual like no other in the world. Yet, you are taught to be same as everyone else all your life. Here, I explore why this happens and what should you do next to uncover your uniqueness.

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Each one of us is a unique, different being. Even the twins who look exactly identical tend to develop different characteristics when they grow up to become adults.

Your uniqueness is your biggest strength. However, discovering what is unique about you may take time, sometimes a lot of time.

For example, it has taken me nearly 2 decades since my graduation in 2002 to find my mojo where I am creating something new consistently. Why does it take so much time? We all start from the same starting point, learning the same things and creating the same kind of outputs in school, colleges or universities.

Have you ever taken a class on “exploring your uniqueness?” or did you have a subject at any point in time where they taught a system to explore your uniqueness?


So, it is no wonder that we come out of the educational system with our mind filled with knowledge but still lacking this fundamental skill of exploring or developing our uniqueness and grow.

Once we are out in the world, priority is to get a job and survive and not find uniqueness.

Lack of time and opportunities means we choose one of what is available and we get on with the business of being same as everyone else.

So, the entire system we are currently in is geared to create sameness and not uniqueness. Hence, even though you are unique, what you create, do, or say is currently the same as everyone.

The quest for uniqueness is an everyday process that never stops. And, what better day than today to start heading in the right direction?

What is that one thing you must do to find your uniqueness today?

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