As a coach, entrepreneur or freelancer, it is easy to get sucked into thinking of ways to beat your competition which will help you get to the top of the pile. I think I have found the best approach for that - Collaborate. Here, I present my case.

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When I started as a coach, this was the big question? What is the best way to beat my more fancied competition? Well-established, successful, and highly credible coaches out there?

So, when I created the Career Fitness Test, I was planning to position myself different from the existing coaches so that I become the top of the 1%.

I had no experience of being a career coach and deep down I did not want to be one.

I am a Business & Branding Coach and it made sense to stick to it. While what I teach does help 9-5 professionals to stand out from the competition, create new and unexpected opportunities, and start building a risk-free career, I cannot be a Career Coach.

This conflict continued until a few weeks ago where it clicked.

Why Compete when you can Collaborate?

That was when I started reaching out to top Career Coaches on LinkedIn and offer them my Assessment Tool to explore if they would find it helpful? The feedback has been extremely positive.

From a Career Coache’s perspective, this tool fills a void – to help established professionals with a sense of direction and keep them market-ready in this world filled with uncertainty.

The assessment helps them quickly identify the areas that need the most work and offer product or services that suit that. If it is to do with Personal Branding, they could connect with me or offer what they already have.

It saves time for them and their client and makes the whole process a breeze.

From my perspective, this approach helps me empower more people and make a bigger impact. Collaborating with others can create a ripple effect like none other. It has the potential to make your initiative feel like a breeze if not make it go viral.

I don’t want to blow my success trumpet yet but I think I have (re)discovered the winning strategy!

If you haven’t thought about this so far, do it now. Stop thinking of growing competition for a second and look for opportunities to collaborate.

Let me know what you find in the comments below!

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