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“As long as you are alive and learning, it is never too late. Either you gain, or you can train. Whatever be the case, our world wins.”

The above quote (which I created for this post) symbolizes what’s my view on this rather negative question. For most things in life, it is never too late which cannot be truer in this day and age. We keep hearing about people breaking barriers and redefining what’s possible almost every single day. Some of you may not find this true and hence I have compiled seven real-life examples of what is really possible. I have been careful in picking all my examples as women because every successful woman shows how far we can go, how big we can achieve, even in this so-called ‘man’s world.’

Let’s get started, shall we?


What is the latest age by which one can still hope to start a modeling career?

Normally most think you are too late for a modeling career if you move out of your teenage years. But, check out Cindy Joseph. She started her modeling career at the age of 49 which continues to flourish even today. She went on to start her own skin care business in her 50s where she continues to work as the CEO of the company. She is redefining fashion industry with her contrarian approach where she is pitching for ‘pro-aging’ while the whole world is trying out ‘anti-aging’ solutions. Her evergreen quote continues to ring the loudest in my head even today is this – “We’re thought that there is a prime of life. I say throw that out of the door. Every moment is your prime. There is no peak. It just gets better.”

“We’re thought that there is a prime of life. I say throw that out of the door. Every moment is your prime. There is no peak. It just gets better.”


What age is the best to start a business from your living room?

Carol Gardener who found herself divorced, depressed and in debt at the age of 52. She then started a greeting card company from her living room using her new pet friend Zelda, a bulldog. Within six months of starting the business, she had sold over one million cards. According to some reports her company, today may well be making over fifty million in sales every year.


What about finding Love? Surely, one cannot be too late on that.

Actress Ellen Burstyn was alone for 25 years where she did not go out for a single date. She was a successful actress who won an Oscar and nominated for five other films. So, while she was content with her busy work life, spending time with her son and her pets, she did long for a companion from time to time. Her previous three marriages had ended in divorce and scars of those relationships took time to heal. When she was ready, Ellen confessed her desire to be in a relationship again with a friend. Soon after that, a Greek actor who had auditioned along with Ellen around 23 years ago for a film approached her friend confessing his love for Ellen. They got in touch with each other, and Ellen found her love at the age of 71.


What about becoming a stock investor? Shouldn’t you have to start early?

Ingeborg Mootz was born many decades ago in a small town in Germany. As she was part of a large family, she had a tough childhood. Her married life was not easy either where she had to endure a thrifty husband who did not allow her to work until he was dead. She was left to fend for her survival with a really tiny pension and nothing else to support. She decided to try her hand in the stock market, and it turned out to be the best decision she could have made. She started trading at the age of 75 and became a millionaire a few years later. Now, tell me, are your financial goals are too big for your age?


When is it too late to find one’s passion?

Anna Mary Roberson (also known as “Grandma Moses”) was born in 1860 as one of the eleven siblings in a thrifty family. At the age of 12, she left home to work as a hired girl at a nearby farm. She married Thomas Moses in 1877, and together both ran a farm and became parents to five children. She started painting only at the age of 78 and continued to paint for the next two and a half decade creating over 1500 pieces of art. Now, think and tell me if you are really too late to try out your passion?

Anna Mary Roberson started painting at the tender age of 78 and continued to paint for next twenty-five years.


What about getting back to shape? Can your age support that?

Ida Keeling is an American track and field athlete. She started running at the age of 67 and is the holder of Masters records in 60-meter and 100-meter distances for women in the 95-99 and 100-plus age groups. Now, what is your reason not to start running back to shape?


Love dancing? What if it is too late now?

Last but not the least, what can I say about Tao Porchon Lynch? She is a 98-year young yoga teacher and a competitive ballroom dancer. She teaches eight classes of yoga every week, she only wears high heels and keeps herself hydrated with, don’t be shocked – wine. Some of what she does may not be for you, but I bet you can’t but admire her contrarian attitude towards life.



I can go on all day, but I am sure you get the point. All these inspiring examples are screaming the same thing to you and this world – IT IS NEVER TOO LATE. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that. If someone does, gently bring those friends of yours to this article.

However, as always, there are two exceptions here. The first one is health. We have indeed made huge advancements in healthcare technology which help us completely recover from deadly diseases which were never possible in the past. However, there are still many cases where we find ourselves on the losing side with permanent disabilities. So, it is better not to test your luck with your health and stay ahead of the curve by being fit either by diet or by exercise, ideally both.

The other exception is death. We have not yet conquered it and not sure if we will (and given the population, not sure if we want to). Hence it is much better to make time for our loved ones and enjoy every moment with them. This may be your parents, siblings, spouse or children. Life is extremely fickle and not sure who among us may not see the light of the day tomorrow. Sorry to be so dramatic but it is true. So never say no to the opportunity to create magical moments with your loved ones which you can cherish for the rest of your life.

Well, that’s about it. I hope you find this piece useful, and if you did, please share this to those who might need to read this right now. If you like what you see and want to support me then you can follow me on Facebook, Instagram or subscribe to my emails on my website.

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