The Drink with the best “Kick”?

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I had been happily married for more than 1.5 years now and since the start of my married life I knew (but was also strongly reminded by my wife) that I will never get a chance to go even close to alcohol. So it had been long since I sipped my glass of alcohol and felt the so called “kick”. But then today I got a chance to sip a glass of drink which I felt had the best “kick” I had all my life. Interested? Read on.

Glass of Drink;

Well, it was a pleasant Sunday evening; strangely, the customary Monday morning blues had not yet arrived. I had just arrived home, slightly more tired than usual, opened the fridge and reached out to that bottle I had got last Friday. She had not noticed me buying it then or pulling it out now. I went to balcony and sat there. I remembered I had not got the glass so now had to get it. Wife was busy tidying up kitchen and was unaware of the situation but I felt very lazy to go and get it.

So I requested my wife to get the glass to me. She got the glass gave it to me; shut the balcony door due to cold and left. I believe she had not noticed that bottle due to darkness else she would have enquired at the least. I opened the bottle, poured it to the glass and I drank the first sip and felt heavenly; I had not felt so well in ages, may be all my life. I followed the sip with 2 more full glasses of the drink. I did not add water or coke. It was "on the rocks" in a way. Just when I reached out for my third glass of the drink, my wife saw me. I stopped for a second and continued with the drink. My wife smiled and came towards me. She opened the door, took her hard over my head couple of times, patted on my back and said "well done, I am proud of you" and left.

Well, for the records I finished up the bottle and did not eat that night. What I drank was no Old Monk or Chivas Regal but a very fine pure grape juice. Though as like others, the “Kick” for me is also a state of mind but it not necessarily has to come from alcohol. So in this case the "kick" was served up by the fact that I did give my very best in the gym that night and came up sweating all over, and the juice tasted sweeter. The confidence that none of what I drank will never ever harm me made the kick much sweeter and the words from my sweet wife act as the icing on the cake Kick.

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