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We humans have the greatest asset in the form of our mind which allows us to think. This power lets us imagine and create new things. However for this to achieve we need to break the pattern because if we let it do the same thing, think the same way then it looses its creative power and accepts already set limits as reality.

So for us to break new grounds in any chosen field we need to break this pattern. This video will give you some examples of some inspirational persons who have led the way in breaking the pattern of the world we live in..

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The Impossible Coach – Syed Abdul Rahim

Born on August 17, 1909, in Hyderabad. Rahim started his career as a teacher and a football coach in Hyderabad. He quickly gained a reputation for his innovative coaching methods and deep understanding of the game. His early work laid the foundation for his later success on the national stage. Rahim’s journey in football is a story of passion, dedication, and remarkable achievements against the odds.


The Impossible Number – ZERO

The introduction of zero democratised mathematics, making it accessible to a broader audience and no longer confined to the elite. It allowed for the accurate recording of large numbers and facilitated more complex computations. The impact of zero extended far beyond mathematics; it played a crucial role in the development of science, engineering, and technology.

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