The Spirit of Marathon..

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After the reality bit me hard I realized how tough it is to run a marathon. Its stacked up with 26 mean miles which will be thrown at you one after the other. Once you start running its a uphill battle all the way. Each mile takes ages to complete and takes a lot to of effort too. if one gets completed, the other is new, fresh and ready to be completed, however the problem is you are no where near new. Each passing mile brings in a new mile to be finished, but each passing mile makes you exponentially older and weaker. So there is no fight between the mile and you and thats the real challenge of a marathon and hence some people relish it.

Going to moon, climbing everest, crossing English channel (by swimming) could be termed as actions beyond a normal human reach but marathon surely is relatively easier to be achieved (having said that its not that easy too). And as it stands completing a marathon is one of the biggest achievement of a ‘common’ man.

I am just embedding a video which talks of the same.. A nice video!


Yes, my first marathon is quite far away but my legs are already itching to run it. Is it my poor legs or this ever unsatisfiable mind of mine which is itching? 🙂

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