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A week back I got this pack from Adidas Half Marathon organizers. It had many items in the packet and it was quite interesting and exciting. Here goes the list..

A book which mainly served as an information guide to race. However it also had articles on why half marathon is good in its own right and what one needs to do to keep oneself fit.

It had a small plastic clamp like thing called race championship. I never realized two things at first. One, With thousands and thousands of folks participating how would it be possible for a person at the last to beat the person at first? How on earth he will be able to clock the similar timings considering that he/she is so far back. How would one account for the lost time in crawling those slow yards to reach the star line with so many in front of you?

Well, The answer is the persons time will not start ticking till he crosses the starting line and this is tracked by the race championship. Secondly, the fact that this item was supplied in the pack.

A plastic bag with a sticker to place my belonging at the time of entering the race.

And finally a big piece of paper with a black and bold three digit number written on it. It read as 843. The moment I saw that I felt a bit buoyant. Never in my life till now I was a part of sports fraternity where I had to wear a number and the day had come. I felt great. I did not clearly knew the purpose of it (mainly because I had not given a hard thought about it). Apart from serving as a head count it had a higher purpose. Behind the paper there is a form which need to be filled out with the basic details and emergency contacts. Quite a simple and nice idea.

I could not resist capturing mine and share it with you all 🙂

Here it is for you..

My Marathon Number

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