In my article I talk about the myriad benefits of reading and writing and also the perfect time slots to be allotted for both.

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Reading Vs Writing? Which one is more important?

I think Jadav Payeng, the forest man of India has the answer.

Yes, Seriously.

Jadav was 16 when he saw few snakes dead due to severe heat. It led him to plant a few bamboo trees & start his incredible journey.

And, once he started,
Jadav did not spend years analyzing the best strategy, the best type of land & trees, & the ideal support system for growth.

He just started planting saplings every day & learnt everything else along the way.

The same applies to us as (wannabe) experts.

We all are Jadavs in our own right.
We have hectares of land,
a variety of saplings to get started,
and a perfect environment to build our forest.

“But, where are they?” you ask.

Your mind is the land,
your ideas are the saplings,
the new digital age is your perfect environment.
& yet, we spend a lot of time “learning” than acting, reading than writing.

Right today, the Pareto principle applies to the world of content creation. 20% of the people may be creating 80% of the content or more.

So, if you are in the 80% spending time, reading, waiting for the D-Day to jump ship to the other side, here is the good news – That day is today.

You have enough stories to start writing & make a difference.

So, just write It.

Earlier, I had argued that writing is more important than reading. However, we need to do both every day, but when & how?

We must #write every morning,
& we must #read every night.

OK. But why?

Early morning is the most precious time. If you get past the initial gloom, the mind is fresh, hungry & inspired – just perfect for creating something new, blending the everyday experience you gain, the knowledge you attain.

Your story may seem insignificant to you, but so too most successful movies are, on the surface. The start feels familiar, the end tends to be obvious, but what makes them tick is the journey.

So, when you write consistently sharing experiences from your journey with an intent to help, you build your #personalbrand around your uniqueness & multiply opportunities.

Writing is the most simple, sustainable act of creation that you can engage in every morning. It starts with helping you organize your chaotic thoughts & give shape to your ideas.

But why read at night? Most books – fiction or non-fiction, tend to transport us to different worlds, perspectives and help us forget our present for a while – a perfect way to end a long, tiring day & getting the subconscious mind to work as we hit the sack.



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