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here I share my point of view about why we should choose our connections wisely, and ruthlessly edit out those which add no value.

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Since the start of the new year, we have turned off cable TV as an experiment. It made me realize how strikingly similar Cable TV is to LinkedIn.

Cable TV channels have a simple agenda – grab your attention & keep you entertained.

A TV Channel has two stakeholders – advertisers & viewers. Most channels show their first love towards advertisers & not us, its customer. So, they tend to broadcast what they feel is good for the advertisers, squeezing in as many ads as possible.

For us, the audience, most ads are like “bad content” due to their timing & crazy repetition. Don’t we hate some channels purely because they show too many ads? Traditional channels keep the subscription Free & make you the product while a Smart one charges a subscription fee and reduce the ads that distract us.

#LinkedIn is like cable TV, and your connections are like TV channels. You don’t get to choose what to read, see or hear on LinkedIn. Your connections do. While you can switch channels on TV easily, it is much harder on LinkedIn.

Your connections may have the best intentions, but depending on where you are in your #growth journey, their content may act like “ads” which add no value.

So, choose your connections wisely,
and ruthlessly edit out those which add no value.


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