Fight Scenes in Indian Cinema

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Over the years, Indian cinema has grown in stature with some nice original movies being made. As a result of our renewed acceptance of who we are, we are now showcasing our confidence in our culture to the world esp. with our music and dance. However one aspect of our movies is still where it was couple of years back – our fight scenes. Years have past but there is nothing new to look forward to in all our fight scenes. Some things which were there a dacade ago are still there. May be the bottle has changed, but the wine is still the same. Below are two well known examples.

Extra ordinary jumps – Hero is well known for his extra ordinary jumps defying gravity and all laws of physics. Hollywood make similar scenes which are quite belivable where us our Indian counterparts take it for granted that Indian viewers have no idea about physics. Even after so many years this notion of directors has not changed.

Never learning villains – Multiple villains against one hero has become a norm but what is worrying is villian's lack of willingness to learn from their mistakes. In every movie, there comes a scene where one hero has to lock horns with five to ten villians at a time. Knowing what they know about the hero, knowing that there is more strength in unity then going all alone, they make the same mistake of going one by one to fight the hero, movie after movie. It ends with hero having the last laugh. This aspect has never changed since its start in Indian cinema and honestly this aspect alone kills the fight scenes.

Below is a video compilation of 5 such fights. Some of these are not too old and hence emphesizes my above made points. In the end all the fights end up becoming nice comedy instead of thrilling fight scenes. Well, as long as I am having a laugh, I am not complaining…


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