Why stop even before we start?

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We have lot of desires in life, some more important than others. Given that we just have one life, we should go after them no matter what. For me, it is to build something on my own, from scratch which will contribute to a lot of people in a big (or small way). My current circumstances don’t give me enough time to make a honest attempt towards it. Someday not to far into future, I intend to do this.

Each of us have our very valid reasons like our notion of our ability, our limitations and our circumstances to not to start doing something we badly want to do. These reasons look so real and convincing and with every passing day, these reasons will only become more stronger and it will be much harder to overcome. Even though we hear it from all corners and in different ways, we never get the the fact that sooner we start, better it is for us, mainly because when we do hit the road, things might actually be much easier than we thought it would be. And if it becomes humanly impossible, you will at least be satisfied that you have given your best shot.

However we wait and wait for some non existent future day to start and with continued inaction, we will wake up on one dreadful day to find that it is no longer possible to pursue it any more and we STOP even before we START..

I hope, I will never let it happen to myself. I hope you will too.

Stop Please!

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