In my article, I will take myself as an example and walk you through the power of consistency.

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“Consistency! Consistency! Consistency!”

The moral of every podcast I listen.

But, can consistency help even when you hate the process? Possible?

My instinct want to say “No” but what is the evidence?

Think of our own lives & think of systems which made us consistent.

Take the school for instance,

Remember the countless days when you cried not to go,
or forced yourself to rote subjects you hated?

While still not being with it, 100%, most of us manage to get out with decent grades.

At least, I did.

OK. What about my consultant career?

After the initial euphoria of being in a big MNC was over, I was consistent at my hatred for Monday mornings for almost all of 14 years. Many still remember my quibbles about “working for someone” & why we must “quit & do something”.

However, when I look back, I had a good outing, nevertheless.

Why? Again because of consistency.

As part of a foolproof 9-5 system, I had no option but to be consistent in showing up day after day & perform. Surprisingly, I ended up in the top 5% of my group almost every year.

If this is what consistency can do when we are not 100% with the system or the solution we are building, imagine what can it bring when you love the process & inspired by its potential?

Unfathomable, right?

I have an inclination towards writing and for that I completed 7 months of writing consistently yesterday, and as you start this new year with hope, here is my big lesson of consistency for you.

You can choose to be consistent with anything you want – reading, exercise or any other, and it will give amazing results over time. However, please choose the habit for the habit & not for the results.

Why? In the path of consistency, the journey is the destination. If you don’t like the process of reading, if you hate the act of pushing yourself every day, then there is a good chance that you won’t sustain it long enough to get great results from it.

I started writing because I wanted to share the ideas I got. While I was worried about damaging my imaginary reputation with my fake fears, I went ahead anyway.

I was lucky not to get the kind of traction I wanted. Without this, I would not have understood how it feels to be someone who pours everything into what they write and yet find no takers.

This allowed me to start a new writing challenge in Sept,
Merge my personal branding course with it to start the Power Writer Club & Challenge,
& discover the secret to enable consistency into an aspiring writer.

If you want to make a bigger powerful splash with your words in 2021, join the #PowerWritersClub for FREE.

PS.Click Here to join the Power Writer’s Club for Free to know Power Writing from me and from those participating in the Weekly Writing Challenge.

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