I got official confirmation that I have completed my first half marathon. Official figures are 1 hr 54 mins for completing 13.1 miles (21 kms). I was 1840th (overall ), 1575th (gender - male alone), 1200th (in my age group) to complete the event.

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Yes, its offical now. I have officially completed half marathon in the event Adidas half marathon 2008 conducted at F1 silverstone circuit. I took 1 hour 52 mins 54 secs to complete the whole distance. I was 1840th (overall ), 1575th (gender – male alone), 1200th (in my age group). Its really good to see my name in the list of runners. My friend Abhijith did bit more analysis and told me that there were 4000 who completed the run. Though my position not look so good what really matters is 1h 52mins which is not too bad. This is pretty satisfying.

Here is the official link

What next? With London marathon beyond me and considering the time and effort needed I am looking forward to registering for Mumbai marathon 2009. I will surely be in India by that time and as it happens in early jan I should have enough time to practice.

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