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Well, India Shining is nothing new. India Shining is a collective name given to success achieved by India from past several years. India (along with China) is considered to be the fastest growing economies in the world today. It has been said that we are growing very well from past several years and also at a very good rate (one magic number is 8% GDP) and we will be a super power in some years from now.

Every time I see a report or documentary or read an article supporting the above claims, It makes me feel good. Note that I did not say I was jumping with joy or at least feel ecstatic about. No, its not because I had a flawed sense of patriotism but mainly because I had this scary thought in the back of my mind that the truth might just be contrastingly different. My positive belief was adding strength on strength with every success story being shown, with every magical number being thrown at me. Needless to say I was making every effort to evade that other thought which used to question this very progress with disturbing visuals that I used to see/hear/read. Obviously enough, with such overwhelming number of people with contrastingly different but very credible background (Media/Intellectuals/Analysts/Foreign Diplomats) going ga-ga over India Shining there was little chance for my day-to-day reality bites of contradicting nature to stake claim on bigger chunk of reality (As there was a chance that what I see might just be a isolated case(s) and there is no collective evidence supporting my reality bites from across length and breadth of country) .

So with hope (and lack of proof against hope) I always said to myself that things are getting better and better and one day very soon all will be really good. However there was always a fear in me – Was I closing my eyes from the truth? But I took confidence from the fact that I am not the only one who was seeing the India Shining. So the probability of a majority of people (which included mortals like me and also credible intellectuals and analysts) going wrong was less. This was until I saw a nationwide report shown on our good old website IBN. I have the same report here for you …

This video makes my worst fears alive and easily destroys my hope and this Image of India created by this India shining campaign.

Phew! What next? :-/

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