I provide scale up solutions for struggling startups.

If you are a startup struggle to find traction in the market, struggling to get your voice herd, struggling to get customers for your awesome product then you are at the right place.

Why Startsups Struggle
to find Traction?

Startups are the best thing to have happened to our planet because today’s challenges can only be solved by a bunch of crazy, out of the box thinkers. If you are one such startup then it is great to meet you. I also know why you are here. You have a great product but your message is not reaching or resonating with your customer?

I have helped over 150 startups to Identify the ambiguity, clarify their message & amplify their marketing impact all in a space of weeks to months and not years. This has helped a number of them to increase their circle of impact and become profitable in 12 months time. 

If you are able to connect with the problem & still thinking? Don’t. Act Now!

Sometimes I let my Clientele do the Talking..

What is my 4 Step Startup Marketing System?

3 in 4 startups that I work with turn profitable by the first birthday of our engagement. It is not because me, but for this system that I follow.

My Impact So Far..

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What I Bring to the Table?

My strengths are my biggest assets.

My Skill Scale

I am my biggest critique, but in a good way. I review my own knowledge and skills periodically, ask unbiased feedback and score to see where I stand with respect to my biggest competition, myself.

Sometimes my Awards wants to pitch for me..

What My Customers Have to Say?

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Andreas Kokonakos

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