Here I share my idea of 6 AM Power Writing Session for aspiring Power writers to build the habit of writing consistently.

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Yay! Finally, we had our first daily session of Power Writer’s Club.

But, I can’t believe that 10 of us joined at 6 AM !!!

The idea of this 6 AM session was to slot in a 45-60 minute window nice & early for all aspiring Power Writers to:

1. Get to write consistently,
2. Seek support to become better writers,
3. Build the habit of sharing a new perspective every day.

Even though I have been writing for over 7 months now, I did not have a fixed time to get it done. There have been times when I wrote it quite late & did it just like a task to be done – not cool for what I do.

I knew this & wanted to have a slot for writing & get others involved. I was not sure how I could do that. But, often the answers to your questions are found in the journey & cannot be answered before we start.

So, here we are, with the 6 AM Power Writing Club finally kicking off. We had 10 who joined (two could not stay till the end) and tried to write. With the excitement & confusion of our first day, I did everything else but write.

But, I am sure, I will get into the groove soon.

Thanks to
Dr Rishi Verma,
Karthikeyeni R,
kavitha Sathappan,
Prabin Sharma,
Priyanka Panda
Shiva Verma,
Sushma Lokapur,
Srividhya Venkatesan for making it to the 1st session.

PS. Click Here to Join  The Power Writer’s Club For Free, to know more about power writing from me and those participating in the 7Day Power Writing challenge.

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