Here I look at 5 reasons why you don't need to look beyond your home to find the best life coach for your own growth and development.

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Who is the best life coach you can learn the most from for FREE? Don’t look around or try to search online, you have right at your home – Your Mom!

Don’t trust me? Let me share you 5 Superpowers that your Mom possesses that you never acknowledged till now. If you can appreciate and acknowledge these then there is a chance that you may be able to learn these from her.

  1. She Shows How To Balance Generosity with Self-Care. Since our early days, she intervenes as a Moral Hero to show us the difference between self-care and generosity. She doesn’t let us be overly selfish nor let us explore the Gandhian principles of giving all that we have.
  2. She Shows How to Live In the Moment. She shows us how to enjoy everyday pleasures by creating moments of joy and encouraging us to immerse ourselves in it. She leads by example by indulging in her own everyday pleasures like watching soaps, cooking lovely food or going out for that weekly window shopping.
  3. She Shows How to Invest in Relationships. When we hear of investments, we think of mutual funds. However, only the lady of the house who knows that mutual friendships matter more in the long run. This superpower enables her to ensure that we, as a family are in touch and in the know about what is happening to others around us. She is the one who insists on saying hello, how are you to our aunts and uncles and perform the communication jumbo circus for us to stay relevant to key relatives and friends.
  4. She Shows How to Maintain Harmony in the House. Every mom develops this superpower to attain a deeper understanding of every ego at home. She has a tiny scanner which shows which ego is burning or about to go bust. She uses these powers to defuse high tension conflicts between father-son, sister-brothers or badass siblings. She knows the exact moment to change topics, create unexpected rewards & bring in her leadership to dose off the smoke.
  5. She Shows How to Support As Her Life Depends On You. When we head out to the school for the first time we carry an average level of confidence. However, our everyday experiences of failure, pain or even mild subtle abuse from the world around us get it to ZERO every night. It will be down to the superpowers of mom to pump it back up to respectable levels for us to be ready to go out again. If it was not for our mom’s, we would not have achieved half of what we are today. This relentless process of creating confidence in us out of thin air is one of her main superpowers.

I can go on and on. However, I hope you get it. Now, today is the day to acknowledge this fact that your mom has always been a superstar and a supercoach.

Go, wish her Happy Mother’s Day

PS: Let me know if I missed any of the super powers that you think your mom had which needs to be highlighted.

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