Ask Why First!

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"In life, there is no right answer but there is always the right question."

The most important question to start with is Why? Why do we do what we do? This has to be explored indepth before doing something. Every action we do should have a strong purpose behind it and if we dont have it, it becomes difficult to go past difficulties that might come by on our way.

Most of us know what we do and how we do it. Very few of us know why we do it. This will not take us very long and a sense of unfulfillment will engulf us sooner than later.


"Most of us work for paycheck and not for a purpose. "

This is why we hate monday mornings. As I grapple with this most important question of "Why" of my life here are two videos which might help you figure out what is your Why? (If you already have your answer, good for you. spread the message there are millions who dont have the answers, in fact many dont know the question).


In this below talk Simon directly explains the importance of the question why? and how great people addressed this question first.

This video of Antony Robbins talks about RPM plan to achieve what we want and asks the same question. Why we want what we want?

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