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Why Books & Courses ARE FAILING YOU?

Like me, you want to grow in life – personally, professionally and socially. Our go-to option for this is the best self-help books and costly courses. We buy and read one book after another and “learn” a lot from them. We join a course with excitement and there are videos after videos of amazing Gyan. We may feel enlightened by them for a short while, but they don’t make you take action. We remain where we were. In fact, it becomes worse. We continue our book/course hopping and as soon as we see the similar insights thrown at us by the next book or course in a slightly different format, and we turn off saying “I know this stuff” and fast forward to subsequent sections. Has this happened to you?

If Action is your goal then there is one thing which makes a big difference – being accountable. If the process you embrace makes you accountable to someone or something, you tend to act consistently. And consistent action almost always deliver results. So, with this idea in mind I have designed the 30 Day Impossible Challenge. It is designed to push you to aim for a big monthly goal, break it down into challenging daily targets and makes you consistent with a “1-minute” daily checkin.

In month one of the challenge, I set myself a goal of 15000 pushups for the month but beat that by 2000 more to reach 17135 by the end of 30 days. So, my aim with this product I want to create the first effective antidote for mindless consumption, endless procrastination and useless busy action. Each month you will grow so much that we wonder why such a system did not exist before. Click on the link below to check out the challenge and drop me an email if you want an invite.

Impossible Challenge

How do The Challenge help?

The challenge has no content to watch. All you do is to understand the format, set and declare your goals and show your consistency via your daily checkins. Do this and the magic will unfold in front of your eyes.


A Challenging Daily Target

An challenging daily target is like that perfect habit you always wanted to build. It is not easy nor it is extremely difficult. Just right.


A Crazy Monthly Impossible Goal

You add up your Daily Targets into something big and crazy for the month which inspires you into action everyday. 


Complete Your 1-Minute Checkin

You commit and demonstrate your consistency to the community by showing everyday and sharing your daily checkins.


Support, Share and Win

There is power in pursuing our personal goals as a community as we get to share our insights. challenges and wins with others.

Companies I Have worked WITH

At first glance, the below companies I worked for have nothing to do with the Journal I have created. However, on second thought, I wonder how can I be so certain? I am sure the 14 years of experience I gained there would have played some part in it. 

" quit my job for my dream job "

I am an expert Vedic Astrologer but I was struggling to build my niche. At this point, I met with Harish and his work in 6 months has helped me become the face of a respected, highly rated brand which has enabled me to triple my price and catapult me into a TV celebrity which I never imagined. His contribution has enabled me to quit my job & take up astrology full time which was not something I could even dream of for the past 17 years. I highly recommend his product and service for anyone who wants to build a brand online.

Venkatesh ShaRma

Vedic Astrologer

About me

I as a professional did well for 14 years but as I was not satisfied within, I quit my job to try to create something more significant. This journey has led me to create courses, support businesses and write books with lots of learning and decent success.
Right now, I am fascinated by the word "Impossible" similar to how Mount Everest inspires an avid Mountaineer. It is a powerful word which can inspire us into action and get us to do thing which we never thought possible. Join me on one of the challenges to experience the same.

Harish Marnad

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