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These goals will make you enter the "discomfort zone" with courage and confidence and that will make all the difference. You will be surprised by what you can manifest in the coming months and years.

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The Valentine’s Day is here!

Today is meant to express our love and appreciation for that one special person – our spouse or lover. Sure we must do that. However, how about expanding the agenda a bit more to include 5 critical aspects to love and appreciate our life a little more (from) today?

Are you game for it? Here we go!

1. Love the People: 

Take a moment to appreciate everyone who has contributed to shaping who you are today. Close your eyes and reflect on the invaluable roles of your friends, classmates, teachers, mentors, coaches, relatives, parents, siblings, children, and of course, your spouse. For those who are far away from you, it’s time to reconnect with them over phone, voice note or message and share your gratitude with them. And, for those around you, take time today to give a tight hug to express your love and deep appreciation for them and make them feel special!

2. Love Your Body: 

Your body serves as the vehicle for experiencing this incredible journey called life. All of your organs work tirelessly throughout life like bonded labour, and thousands of cells that make up these organs are born and many pass away almost on a daily basis – all for the sole purpose of allowing you to experience the wonders of this existence. It’s time to show your body a little extra love and appreciation from today. Take a moment to close your eyes and think of every part of your body and appreciate all the cells, muscles and organs that make up that part.

3. Love Your Mind: 

Embrace the beauty of your mind in all its facets. From its capacity to learn new things to its ability to generate new ideas and perspectives to solve complex problems with elegant simplicity. Your mind is where you find your strong instincts and leverage your deep intellect every day to make a difference to others in a unique way. Take a moment to thank and express your love for the most amazing supercomputer sitting inside your brain.

4. Love Your Soul: 

Your soul is the essence of who you are. Take time to accept and appreciate its unique qualities, along with the diverse experiences it has accumulated throughout this journey called life – the great, good, bad, and the ugly, all of which have contributed to who you are today. Take time to reflect on your soul’s journey and embrace all the aspects that make your soul uniquely yours.

5. Love Your Infinite Potential:

You are destined for greater things. All you need to do is to believe in yourself and set audacious, impossible goals and strive towards it by making space for it everyday. These goals will make you enter the “discomfort zone” with courage and confidence and that will make all the difference. You will be surprised by what you can manifest in the coming months and years.

And, from today, commit to showing yourselves the love and appreciation that you truly deserve so that you can achieve what you truly can. Celebrate your uniqueness, embrace your journey, and continue to shine brightly in all that you do.

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