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Power Branding Private Coaching

Join the unique 100% private coaching to uncover three new strategies to accelerate business & professional growth by leveraging your personal brand, expertise and the technology. Why Private? Well, we are focused solely on serving you & want you be the judge of what aspect of this ‘secret’ programme be private and what could be public. 

(International Price $10)

The Big Challenges of Today

Even without Covid19, you were, as a professional, facing 3 monstrous challenges – Competition, Deception, and Automation. Covid19, unfortunately, has amplified these challenges 10 fold. Your No.1 goal today should be to find new strategies to beat each of the below challenges.


Competition is Compounding & growing every day for multiple reasons making it extremely hard for you to win.


Desperate competitors will find new ways to deceive the current system & your client to steal the chances that you truly deserve.


More jobs, gigs and projects will vanish from the market this decade than ever before & we need to be ready & prepared.

What Is Covered in the Private Coaching?

Understand what is covered in each step of your personalised, private coaching done through Telegram. WhatsApp or Facebook messenger.

(International Price $10)

What does consultants have to say?

Hear from Product and Project Consultants as how online coaching has helped them and why you should join? 

What are Your Bonuses?

When you join the private training,  you get 2 amazing bonuses bundled together worth Rs.6750/-

Next Step Consultation

  1. Understand your Situation
  2. Understand your Aspirations
  3. Analyse your Brand Fitness
  4. Identify Your Next Big Step
  5. Suggest you Next Plan of Action

Value: $15/-

Dream Job Hacker Course

  1. 3 Hour Course
  2. 15+ Video Lessons
  3. Unique Digital Strategy
  4. 5 Big Problem Understanding
  5. Detailed Breakdown of Solution

Value: $95/-

Total Value: $110/-

(International Price $10)

Career Fitness 100% Refund Policy

We are extremely confident about the value you get from this private coaching & want you to apply with confidence. If you are not satisfied with the value you get after , you can request for refund within 24 hours of completion of the programme. We will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.