Learn the exact Trust TriangleTM communication framework I used to win the first prize (Macbook Pro) in an international contest, create freelancing offers, in-bound leads by building a strong personal brand, and to punch well above my weight to create a strong network & exciting opportunities.

Why are you Not Writing?

You always wanted to write but why you haven’t written (consistently) so far? There are 4 big blocking thoughts stopping you from writing for which you need answers before getting started again.

Why to Write?

"With so much content already on the internet, what's the point of me writing?" Here, I will share a strong purpose that you may have long forgotten.

What to Write?

"As most of the stuff we want to write is already written, what's new there for me to add?" A big misconception to be cleared to identify your uniqueness.

Where to Write?

"Should I write in my private journal, create a blog or share on social media?" Without this clarity, you may not be able to make the most of your writing.

How to Write?

"What's the point of me writing if there is no one to read?" You need to know the art of writing compelling posts that grab & keep your audience's attention until the end.

Actions you will take in the Challenge?

Unlike a typical course, here you will take action each day to gain clarity, develop confidence, and act consistently to write 3 Power Posts by applying the Trust Triangle Framework & start building your Personal Brand.

Day 4 Reserved for Catchup on pending tasks!

What are Your Bonuses?

At the end of the 7 Day Challenge,  you will get 6 amazing bonuses bundled together worth Rs.7,500/-

Seriously, You have nothing to lose..

About Harish Marnad

Harish Marnad is a personal growth and branding coach who has trained over 1400 professionals, coaches and entrepreneurs over the last two years in using the right medium, mode and method of digital communication to build trust, increase influence & inspire their target audience into taking specific action.

His Trust Triangle Framework is a comprehensive communication tool which helps individuals unlock communication blocks at personal and professional spheres. He leveraged this framework to win his first prize at an international contest & teaches the same to his students through this action oriented challenge.