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How does it work?

We take all individuals through simple, unique 3 step process. So regardless of who you are – employees, freelancers, consultants, coaches or entrepreneurs, we help to evaluate your personal brand & show you a clear 4 step path for you to increase your reach & impact. 


Invest 10 minutes your time to take our self-assessment quiz & uncover where you stand & areas of your personal brand that needs your attention. 


Watch our 5 part, in-depth Personal Branding Secrets Masterclass to create a vision, choose a path & identify the next big step. 


Book FREE 1-on-1 Consultation with one of our customer success coach who will evaluate your situation & provide a customised plan. 

What A Digital Marketer Has to Say

PBCS has converted a vague concept into extremely objective score that we all can find out for ourselves in 10 minutes. However, what I loved was the masterclass which weaves a compelling narrative using the 3 amazing secrets. I was lucky to get access to it for free & if you do, don’t miss it. DON’T.

Harsha Kulkarni

Digital Marketer, Bangalore, India

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Why Take this Self Assessment?

Personal Branding Comprehensive Score (PBCS) is the world’s first research-based objective scoring system for your personal brand. It enables you to zoom in on different aspects of your personal brand and take specific action to improve the ones which needs the most attention.  

Brand Identity

Understand how well your personal brand has shaped up to showcase yourself to the world.

Brand Maturity

Understand how well your personal brand has matured for it to grow and start making a bigger impact.

Brand Visibility

Understand the visibility of your personal brand and how easy it is for the world to see?

Brand Karma

Understand whether you are doing all that you need to do to reach out to your target audience regularly.

Brand Impact

Understand the impact of your personal brand in this world and how big a ripple it is causing right now?

Brand Value

Understand the value that your personal brand is adding on from day to day via your regular effort.

What a product manager Has to Say

I thought I had a decent personal brand but my PBCS has put things in perspective. And, the Masterclass is nothing less than an enlightenment for me. It has inspired me with a new sense of direction. A Must watch masterclass. 

Pradeep Ananth

Product Manager, Accenture, India

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The Brandpreneurs who have hit the road

Increasing number of Job Seekers, Professionals, freelancers, Consultants and Coaches world over are taking this survey everyday & started their Brandpreneur journey. 

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What a Success coach Has to Say

Want to create a awesome day with 90 minutes? Spend first 10 minutes & take the survey & know your PBCS & spend the next 80 minutes learning the 3 secrets to improve it. Simple!

You are welcome!

Girija Venugopal

Customer Success Coach, Brandpreneur Network, India

Plans & Pricing

Currently we are offering free assessments for Individuals but change a small fee for organisation for unlimited team self assessments. 


Perfect for Individuals
  • Complete Survey
  • FREE Masterclass access
  • 1-on-1 Coaching Session
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$ 49
  • Complete Survey
  • FREE Masterclass access
  • 1-on-1 Coaching Session
  • Additional FREE Bonuses
  • Unlimited Team Surveys
  • Customised Group Coaching

Many Roles, One Recommendation

If you are still thinking, here are few more giving even more reasons why you must click that button.


This is really an awesome piece of work put together. Really loved it.
Suraj Solanki
Passive Income Coach, Dharwad, India


Best investment of my 10 minutes. I get total clarity of my personal brand at the end of it.
Matt Doran
Business Consultant, London, UK


This made me realise how big my brand is and what is its true potential. Thank you!
Anjali B Kumar
Data Analyst, Newyork, USA


It just broke my glass house of false illusion about what I was doing & how effective it is.
Raghavendra P
Business Lead, Bangalore, India


Your personal brand is not just about what you do but also what you NOT do.
Arun Uchila
GPM, Eskilstuna, Sweden


I got a clear, complete picture of how bad my personal brand was & what I need to do.
Daniel Fitzerald
Dublin, Ireland

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