Career Fitness Score (Beta)

Take our 10-minute comprehensive self-assessment & know where your career stands right now and how prepared are you in dealing with the uncertain future ahead.

How does it work?

We take all full-time professionals through a simple, unique, 3-step process. This helps each professional to know where they are, what they need to do to safeguard their career today and make the best attempt to grow their career as well as protect it from future uncertainty. 


Invest 10 minutes of your time to take our self-assessment quiz & uncover where your career stands today & how prepared are you for an unclear tomorrow and a chaotic, uncertain day after. 


Watch our FREE 6 part mini masterclass to uncover the 3 secrets to enhance, enrich and empower your career. Each secret will help you take steps today to make a fit and strong career tomorrow. 


You will have all the knowledge needed to build a strong, automation-proof career for yourself. Here, you will have an option to take our unique offer to make that perfect jump start right today.  

A Digital Marketer's Word

CFS has converted a vague concept into an extremely objective score that we all can find out for ourselves in 10 minutes. However, what I loved was the masterclass which weaves a compelling narrative about how we can build an automation proof career with the help of 3 amazing secrets. I was lucky to get access to it for free & if you get a chance, don’t miss it. DON’T.

Harsha Kulkarni

Digital Marketer, Bangalore, India

Why Take this Self Assessment?

Career Fitness Test (CFT) is our best attempt to build an objective scoring system to assess your career right today. It takes into account 4 different aspects of your career and develops the Career Fitness Score (CFS). This will help .  

Your Career Fitness Now

This section tries to evaluate how your situation is right now by considering a range of factors. This is the foundation on which your career would be built.

Your Career Fitness Today

We are unprepared for a pink-slip because we always feel it can never be us. This section reviews & score this aspect objectively and makes you contemplate in a much needed way.

Your Career Fitness Tomorrow

Your ability to get the next job may not entirely depend on you but rather on how strong is your network. This section questions & evaluates the professional circle around you.

Your Career Fitness The Day After

The Tech Tsunami will hit us all in the next decade and we have only a few years left to truly prepare for it. This section evaluates your attitudes & resources for this uncertain future.

a product manager's Word

I thought I had a good career but this Career Fitness Test has put things in perspective. And, the Masterclass has been nothing less than an enlightenment for me. It has inspired me with a new sense of direction. TAKE the test, WATCH the Masterclass.

Pradeep KUMAR

Product Manager, Accenture, India

Our 2020 Goals

Our aim is to help professionals from across the globe to know their Career Fitness Score (CFT) and start taking the appropriate action to grab the next big opportunity that they deserve. 

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A Product Manager's Word

The Career Fitness Test was a time well spent where I was able to take a look at all aspects of my career, the confidence I have, the inhibitions that may be stopping me from taking the next leap. CFS was a fair representation of my career’s fitness & I highly recommend everyone to take this survey for yourself. 

Arun U

Product Manager, Sweden

Plans & Pricing

Currently, we are offering free assessments for Individuals but change a small fee for the organisation for unlimited team self-assessments. 


Perfect for Individuals
  • 10-Min Career Fitness Test
  • Assess All 4 Aspects of Career
  • Get Career Fitness Report Card


  • 10-Minute Career Fitness Test
  • Assess All 4 Aspects of Career
  • Get Career Fitness Report Card

Many Roles, One Recommendation

If you are still thinking, here are a few more reasons why you must click the above button.


It just broke my glass house of false illusion about what I was doing & how effective it is.
Technical Architect, Texas, USA


I must confess that I am already a client of Harish but this one blew my mind.
Raghavendra P
Business Lead, Bangalore, India


Let me warn you that the Career Fitness Score my puncture your Confidence but the masterclass not only compensates but also inspires you to take the next action.
Sachin Gupta
Student Consultant, Chandigarh, India


The CFT asks the right questions & the Masterclass is a perfect mix of some of the most known concepts I know but presented in a refreshingly new way.
Jeet Hirani
Career Consultant, Mumbai, India

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