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Based on the time, knowledge and interest you have, you can choose whichever option you want and we will help you build your personal brand online.

Done By You

Your Work: 90%, Our Work: 10%
  • Build your PrositeTM and launch your Personal Brand in 21 days with the help of our Masterclasses, group review and our step-by-step Launchathon session

Done For You

We Work: 90%, Your Work: 10%
  • Let us do all the work and launch your Personal Brand in 7 days while you can sit back, pitch in to approve and see your PrositeTM blossom as you watch.
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Done With You

You Work: 70%, We Work: 30%
  • Build your PrositeTM and launch your Personal Brand in 14 days with the help of our Masterclasses, private review and private live launchathon sessions

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Unsure of which plan to go with? Block your spot by paying Rs.999/- or $14.95 (use the international payment option below) and get on a consultation call with us?

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Personal Branding Customers

Never been so easy to create a personal brand online. Never knew technology has progressed so much that we can create and edit great looking pages like word documents. Harish's course, the vision and support makes it the perfect personal branding course in the world.
Harsha Kulkarni
Digital Marketer
I was one of the Beta users where I initially thought that this would be some conceptual course with lot of gyan. Blown away by the concept, the pitch and the delivery of a Prosite by Harish. An absolute MUST for every type of professional.
Arun Uchila
Product Manager


Who is this for?

Any Individual who wants to use the best bits of his or her professional life to build an empowering perspective online in order to grab their next big opportunity. So, this is ideal for graduates, professionals, consultants, freelancers, entrepreneurs and all kind of coaches.

How much effort would this need from me?

In order to launch your PrositeTM, you would need around 05-10 hours of time spread over 21/14/7 days based on the package you select. The DFU option would ensure that no additional work is needed to enhance and protect your PrositeTM while other two package may need you to spend another 10 hours of time needed to go through the masterclass and implement the recommendation suggested. 

Is this a Life Time Deal?

Yes and No. There are elements of the package like your community access is lifetime. However, your PrositeTM would require yearly renewal for us to retail your domain (your website name) and hosting (place where all the files are kept). This would be a nominal price typically hovering around $50. As long as you have this taken care of, you will continue to have access to everything you get part of this deal.  

What will I get?

You will get a set of 3-4 Masterclasses (based on the package you select) which gives you the option to learn personal branding or the technology concepts anytime you want. You will also get PrositeTM for built by us using the template chosen by you & based on the package you choose, you or we will get it up and ready.

What do I need to know before hand?

You should be comfortable using a computer and softwares like Word & Googel Chrome. You must be willing to learn how to manage your PrositeTM post launch and how to go about creating blog posts to share your thoughts, opinions and ideas. Our masterclass should cover most of what you need to know but at any time you need more information or clarity, there is a ton of awesome material online.

Is there a Refund Available?

Your PrositeTM is created based on your choice of domain name which cannot be returned back. What you see is what you get. So, no there is no refund available. You can attend the first two classes of the course for $15 and then choose if you want to continue. If you are unconvinced at this point, you can take your money back.