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Personal Power Branding Bootcamp

Join the unique 5-Day Bootcamp to uncover three new strategies to accelerate business & professional growth by leveraging your personal brand, expertise and the technology.

(Only for next 9 spots)

The Big Challenges of Today

Even without Covid19, you were, as a professional, facing 3 monstrous challenges – Competition, Deception, and Automation. Covid19, unfortunately, has amplified these challenges 10 fold.
Your No.1 goal today should be to find new strategies to beat each of the below challenges.


Competition is Compounding & growing every day for multiple reasons making it extremely hard for you to win.


Desperate competitors will find new ways to deceive the current system & your client to steal the chances that you truly deserve.


More jobs, gigs and projects will vanish from the market this decade than ever before & we need to be ready & prepared.

(Only for next 9 spots)

What Is Covered in the Bootcamp?

Understand what is covered in each day of the Bootcamp to know the value you get by the end of it.

(Only for next 9 spots)

What does consultants have to say?

Hear from Product and Project Consultants as how Masterclass has helped them and why you should join? 

(Only for next 9 spots)

What are Your Bonuses?

When you join the Masterclass,  you get 4 amazing bonuses bundled together worth Rs.6750/-

Next Step Consultation

  1. Understand your Situation
  2. Understand your Aspirations
  3. Analyse your Brand Fitness
  4. Identify Your Next Big Step
  5. Suggest you Next Plan of Action

Value: Rs.750/-

Dream Job Hacker Course

  1. 3 Hour Course
  2. 15+ Video Lessons
  3. Unique Digital Strategy
  4. 5 Big Problem Understanding
  5. Detailed Breakdown of Solution

Value: Rs.6000/-

Total Value: Rs.6750/-

(Only for next 9 spots)

Career Fitness 100% Refund Policy

We are extremely confident about the value you get from this bootcamp & want you to apply with confidence. If you are not satisfied with the value you get after , you can request for refund within 24 hours of completion of the programme. We will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

(Only for next 9 spots)