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Your personal brand is your biggest weapon to differentiate from your competition & win those dream opportunities that you are after. Build a compelling Personal Brand that you can be proud of within 7 Days & create a foundation to 10X your impact.


Had little idea about the importance of Personal Branding until I had a discussion with Harish. He totally changed my approach & Strategy for building my personal Brand. I now know that I have touched over a 1000 people with my personal brand within months of building my PrositeTM & I cannot be happier with the result. I highly recommend that you get a PrositeTM of your own.

Rajesh IyER

Technical Architect & Evangelist, Chennai

Four Reasons Why You MUST Build your Personal Brand?

Differentiate Yourself


Whether you are someone who is just out of college or graduated, you are a just like a cow in a large farm land, normal black & white cow. You need to take action to be seen, heard & identified, to be seen as the purple cow. Building your awesome personal brand is the best way to do it.

Snatch Big Opportunities

If you are currently working or looking for your first job, showcasing best self to the world is critical to impress your prospective employers even before the interview. This is something you must do in order to beat 95% of your competition to snatch big opportunities.

Showcase Your Authority


As an professional or a consultant, you are good at what you do. However, does the world know about it? Do the people in your industry talk about you? Look, unless you build your personal brand to be the authority, you cannot look & go beyond your 9-5 job. Why should you ever settle for that.

Start Coaching Program 

What are you doing with the wealth of knowledge you have gained over the years? Sure, there may be hardly anyone around who wants to learn from you. But, Should you give up? No, you should build a personal brand to start your coaching to audience across the globe.

Build Your Tribe

As a successful coach, consultant or a professional of any type, the biggest way to make an impact to the world is by building your tribe of Superfans. This requires you to make a deep connection with each visitor to a customer & make them your superfan, all with your Personal Brand.

Best way for You to Get Started?


7 Day Building a Personal Brand Challenge

There are coaches who give you personal branding tips & there are web developers who build you websites for a bomb. But, what if you can get a goal based coaching programme where you get to action oriented in-depth coaching by the end of which you will have an awesome personal brand for yourself.

What does it include?

  • 7 Days of Challenging Tasks done by you as a team 
  • Gain In-Depth Understanding on all aspects of Personal Branding
  • Hands on Experience of building your own Personal Brand, almost from Scratch.
  • End with Skills & Knowledge to manage & grow your personal brand without any help.
  • FREEDOM From Web Designers For Life & Everything that you Save in the process

Value: ₹ 19999 (But you wont pay this today!)

Now, What will you Learn in 7 Days?

Over the 7 days (you can take longer if you want) we will take you through the the four aspects (pillars) which are critical for building & managing of a personal brand online. When you get it right, what you have is not a website but rather our ultimate web tool The PrositeTM. Take any one of the four pillar away & it makes it extremely hard for us to build a compelling personal brand. So, with our 7 day challenge, you would not only have perfected all the concepts of personal brand but also put them to use in building a compelling personal brand of your own.

The Four Pillars of You PrositeTM

Any structure which is built to last, requires a strong foundation. Your personal Brand is no different. Hence, we start of the 21 Day Challenge making you understand what constitutes a personal brand and what does not. This clarity is a must before you can go ahead and choose the building blocks of your personal brand. This is one of the big difference between a Website & a PrositeTM.
Here you will carefully pick the goal that you are after and pick the building blocks of your personality that you want to showcase to reach that goal. This process includes identifying the dream job, picking the right strengths to stack up & weaknesses for authenticity to create a well rounded brand that your audience, whoever it may be – your employers. prospects or customers, will connect & engage with your brand. This is why a PrositeTM helps you connect better than any jazzy website can.
We need to be careful when trying to get rid of your dependency on a Web Designer when creating a Personal Brand. One way to ensure this is by choosing the best platform to build your personal brand on. That is exactly what we do when we build your PrositeTM Template which acts as the starting point for your 21 day challenge.
A personal brand evolves over a lifetime & so does your need to create different web pages on your websites to meet different needs. A graduate or a professional may want to create different page for each type of role she wants to apply. A coach or consultant may want to create a page for each service or product they sell. You get the point. However, it is better to have no webpage than a sub-standard one as it ruins our reputation. This is the big reason why we fail to remove our dependency on a web developer. Not any more, with the pivotool. With a drag and drop based tool, anyone can create amazing, mobile friendly webpages without the knowledge of coding. This applies to creating new pages or editing any page of your PrositeTM. How cool is that?

What Else Will You Get?


COMMUNITY HUDDLE: Access to Brandpreneur Community

We are here for the long run and we are in it together. So, you will get access to our close-knit community of NeoBrands like you who have also started their Brandpreneur journey. This is your one stop stop to get all your questions answered, share your own challenges, get inspired by others success and learn something new regularly.

  • A virtual place to Learn & Develop your Personal Brand
  • Ideal way to network with others & try new things
  • Take part in regular Q&A & challenge sessions

Price: ₹ 3000 ($42.29)


PREMIUM ACCESS: One year Premium Access to All Resources

There is so much out there to learn about personal branding and excellence is that we never ever be done with it. As we find more ideas, concepts, tips, hacks and strategies about personal branding, we will first share it here to this community. With this premium, unrestricted access, you get all content related to excelling as a NeoBrand to move towards a LeadBrand. 

  • Unrestricted NeoBrand Content
  • Full Access for a complete Year
  • Full unlimited Updates for a Year

Price: ₹ 5000 ($70.49)


TECH SUPPORT: Ask Us Anything Tech (AUAT) Email Support

How much ever you learn from my online challenge or from our community, there would be moments in your journey where you need 1-1 email support for your technical challenges. This could be for something that is broken or something which you want to enhance but have no clue how to go about.

  • Suggest Best Strategy
  • Confidential Support
  • 24 Hour Turnaround

Price: ₹ 1500 ($21.15)

Total Value of All Above Products:

₹ 9500 ($133.93)

Guess what? You wont pay this!

" uncovered the power of my brand"

I was clueless about what I should do to market myself to get the best roles that I aspired for. However, at this time, a friend forwarded the PBCS, the self assessment scoring quiz. I checked out my score and watched the masterclass and rest as they say is history. I now have a PrositeTM that I am proud of & flaunt it at every opportunity to prospective customer or employer.

Geeta Govind

Business Analyst, Bangalore

But What About the PROSITETM ?

Yes. we are extremely aware that we need to help you build your PrositeTM as a part of the 7 day challenge. Without this you will struggle to build a great personal brand that you are proud of. Hence, when you get PrositeTM from us, you will get all of the following with it.


BRAND IDENTITY: Domain Name for Your PrositeTM

Your Domain Name is the name of your personal brand online. Searching, Identifying and selecting a domain name is probably one of the most exciting aspect of building a personal brand. When I started, harishmarnad.com was just a domain which costed 9.99 dollars but now, it is synonymous with a new age Personal Branding Movement. When you buy your PrositeTM from us, we will help you choose a domain name & build your PrositeTM on top of that.

Value: ₹ 750 ($10.57)


DATA STORAGE: Unlimited Hosting Space for Your PrositeTM

When you build your professional looking personal brand online, you have to do lot more than buying a domain name. You will have to purchase a hosting place to keep all your content. This is where it gets a little technical and scares off a lot of professionals away building their brand online. When you buy your PrositeTM from us, we take care of the behind the scene work needed and give you a clean, non technical starting point which is perfect for you to get started with.  

Value: ₹ 3000 ($42.31)


ONLINE SECURITY: SSL Certificate for Your PrositeTM

The downside of the amazing technological advancement we have made is that we are more vulnerable then ever for hacks, viruses and thefts online. This has made Google take notice and highlight websites which are not safe or secure. This may seem extreme at times, but google wants us safe then be sorry. 

So, when you get your PrositeTM from us, you get your SSL security pre-built. This suddenly elavates your position both in the eyes of google and your PrositeTM visitors.

Value: ₹ 3500 ($49.37)

THE PROMAIL: Your Unique Bragging Proposition

People are so insatiable for inspiration, guidance and ideas; so use this opportunity to be an inspiration and influencer for others.  Promail helps you create an impression and creates a unique ID of your choice and can be accessed through your existing gmail or other service provider without any hassles.

 So, instead of the usual [email protected] you can create something more professional like [email protected] or something catchy like [email protected]. Sky is the limit for what your PROMAIL be and the subtle yet profound impact it can have.

Value: ₹ 850 ($11.99)


THE PROSITETM: Professional Mobile Friendly PrositeTM

Finally, all of the above means nothing if you have a bad website. In fact, it is better not to have a website if it is going to be a crappy one. There are two big reasons why this happens. One, we just go to the wrong people to get our websites made. Second, even if you get a decent website made, they look horrible on mobile. These two cardinal sins make both your users and google run away from your website.

On the other hand, when you get your PrositeTM from us, you simple, neat looking web tool that is fully optimised for the mobile. You make a great first impression with your users & also keep google satisfied.

Finally, we get your PrositeTM built on the platform, WordPress using the PivotTool, elementor. This will give the power into your hands to modify or customer it to the way you want to make it look and feel.

Value: ₹ 5000 ($70.52)

Total Value of Your PrositeTM :

₹ 13,100 ($184.76)

Guess what? You wont pay this!


So, What is My Best Offer Today?


Your Product

Offer Price


COMMUNITY HUDDLE: Access to Brandpreneur Community​​​

₹ 3000 ($42.29) FREE


PREMIUM ACCESS: One year Premium Access to All Resources​

₹ 5000 ($70.49) FREE


TECH SUPPORT: Ask Us Anything Tech (AUAT) Email Support​

₹ 1500 ($21.15) FREE


BRAND IDENTITY: Domain Name for Your PrositeTM

₹ 750 ($10.57) FREE


DATA STORAGE: Unlimited Hosting Space for Your PrositeTM

₹ 3000 ($42.31) FREE


PROMAILS: Two Promails for Your PrositeTM​

₹ 850 ($11.99) FREE


ONLINE SECURITY: SSL Certificate for Your PrositeTM​

₹ 3000 ($42.31) FREE


THE PROSITETM: Professional Mobile Friendly PrositeTM

₹5000 ($74.52) FREE


7 Day Personal Branding Challenge Masterclass

₹ 19999 ($282.04) 
₹ 5000 ($70.49)

You Don't Pay:

₹42,099 ($593.40)

You Pay:

₹ 5000 ($70.49)

You Save:

₹ 37,099 ($523.20) or Over 90%

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(For Payments in US Dollars)

But Hurry, Your Offer Closes In:

Still Concerned? Don't Worry, I Have Got You Covered

The course fee will go up as we add more content, as more students take up this challenge & it becomes popular. If you join now your price is locked in and you will never have to pay a penny more or worry about it, ever.

You're fully protected by our 7 days action-taker guarantee, 100% money-back guarantee*.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Prosite same as a Website?

No. Prosite is a new age tool built on the concept of Personal branding.It is similar to a website but not the same. But Prosite is your  gen CV.It will have exclusively your professional background as well as articles and stories written by you. Prosite will have testimonials.It can be designed and edited as per your time and wish.You will not need any web designer for editing your Prosite. You can organize your contents in a clear manner as opposed to a website which is usually cluttered. It will display your professional traits that employers wish to see in their prospective employee.

Q2. How can we edit or update our Prosite page ?

You can update your Prosite contents very easily. Prosite is based on a platform of WORDPRESS which is powerful, scalable and efficient and can be used by anybody. You need not learn special coding skills for this. It has a whole host of Add-Ons. You can handle it yourself without depending on any web designer or any body else. You will have access to Pivot Tool Elementor which is a page builder.You can create amazing professional pages within minutes.

Q3. I have never tried anything creative before but I am interested in this  7 day challenge.How will it help me?

Well, you will never know until you try. No,  is not an answer given to tempt you in buying this course. This is a fact of life. However, what is good about this course is, it allows you to pick a goal and be unique and build online credibility. The course teaches you how to build ‘Superfan’ and provides you with a route through the staircase to achieve it gradually step by step. It teaches hacks to establish yourself in the world and succeed along with investing in the success of others.

Q4. Does Personal Branding set us apart and propel career success ?

Certainly yes. It helps to create a beautiful niche for ourselves and establish connections and increase networking and create our own audiences and have fans which is integral to finding your stride and grow. It helps to establish online career identity in this world of social media redundancy. Career success is about accessibility and networking which is built by personal branding. Personal branding increases your visibility online; ensuring you reach as many people as you can.


Harish Marnad, Your Personal Branding Coach

Harish Marnad is someone with a strong passion to learn and teach different aspects of life which help us reach our true potential. He is a well read person with strong and fundamental understanding of what motivates us, humans.

He believes in sharing knowledge and wholeheartedly believes in the quote by Rabbah that “In vain you have acquired knowledge if you have not imparted it to others”. He believes  imparting knowledge helps everyone evolve into intelligent and productive one. So start coaching and” Build your tribe and Leave your Legacy” is his motto.

When asked, he has a clear answer on his biggest motivator in life. He believes his true potential is expressed by one and only one parameter which is the number of lives that he impacts before he goes to sleep, permanently. This is one of the main reasons why he used his spare time to create this comprehensive online course. He has now quit his well paid full time job in the UK to increase his reach and impact.

He has an interesting way to keep himself motivated. He says, every night his mirror asks him three questions before he goes to sleep. Whenever he finds that his answers are not good enough for too many nights in a row, he knows that he has to change something. What those questions are?

How much did you learn? How well did you enjoy? How many did you help?

We hope that you will create your own passive income and find time to discover own your meaning for life. All the best.

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